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College Advisory Committee

The College Advisory Committee provides advice and direction to the Office of Global Initiatives on existing programs and services supporting the international mobility of students and faculty members.  It also assists with the evaluation and development of new initiatives to better serve the needs of the campus as we continue to expand our international scope.  On a very practical level, the committee serves as a conduit for communications with students and faculty members on opportunities for international study, teaching and research. Committee members will also have the opportunity to serve on various subcommittees or task forces aimed at implementing particular institutionally critical global initiatives.

Members appointed to the committee are asked to serve a three-year term.  The committee formally meets once a semester, but members are invited to participate in other events and activities throughout the academic year. 

Members, 2011-2014


Professor Robert Ariew (ex officio) Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

Anne Betteridge, Ph.D. (ex officio)

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Andrew Carnie, Ph.D. (ex officio)

 Graduate College

Professor Peter Chesson

College of Science

Professor Malcolm Compitello

 College of Humanities

 Sandy Dall'erba, Ph.D.

 College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

 Alain-Philippe Durand, Ph.D. (ex officio)

 School of International Languages / Literatures and Cultures

Professor Kevin Fitzsimmons

 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Linda Green, Ph.D. (ex officio)

 Center for Latin American Studies

Mary Hardin, Ph.D.

 College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Eleni Hasaki, Ph.D.

 Honors College

Michael Katz, Ph.D.

 College of Pharmacy

Jenny Lee, Ph.D.

 College of Education

Scott Lucas, Ph.D. (ex officio) School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Pierre Lucas, Ph.D.

 College of Engineering

Professor Carl Maes

 College of Optical Sciences

Sean Manley-Casimir (ex officio)

 CONAHEC and Hemispheric Programs

Suzanne Panferov, Ph.D. (ex officio)

 Center for English as a Second Language

 Professor Ronald Pust  College of Medicine
Cecilia Rosales, M.D.

 College of Public Health

Janet Sturman, Ph.D.

 College of Fine Arts

Ruth Taylor-Piliae, Ph.D.

 College of Nursing

James Van Arsdel (ex officio)

 Dean of Students Office

Professor Linda Waugh (ex officio)

 Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy

Professor Brent White

 College of Law

Daniel Zeng, Ph.D. 

 Eller College of Management



Meeting Schedule

The meeting schedule for the 2013 - 2014 academic year is as follows:

Fall meeting: November 15, 2013, 11:30 am - 1 pm

Spring meeting: May 1, 2014, 11:30 am - 1 pm

The location of each meeting will be sent to committee members in advance.